As a building owner and operator, you are aware of the importance of saving energy. Between the rising costs of utilities and concerns for the environment, it's not a matter of whether you should, but more a matter of how you should?

However, choosing the right options can be overwhelming. Which project should you tackle first? Will one give you a greater return than the other? Where to even start?


Then, there’s implementation, which is a whole other story. There are so many components that go into getting your building optimized - applying for incentives; engineering; procurement; installation; coordination. The list goes on.

You really don’t need the headache. But, you definitely need the results. You need someone who knows the ropes. Experts who can help you go from concept to final payoff.

CoEng Advisors has the expertise, experience and skills to carry you through the entire process. From analysis to design, and all the way through construction. We offer complete turnkey solutions and services needed for greater sustainability and efficiency of your building energy systems.


CoEng’s Full Service Approach:

1. ENERGY MANAGEMENT | Start with an Energy Management Plan by Trusted Experts


The CoEng Advisors’ engineering team drives our Services department by supporting our custom energy solutions portfolio. In order to begin effectively managing your energy project, our team starts with an energy management plan, which is a key document that sets out your strategy and integration roadmap. Both of which are created to be compatible with your organization’s specific business plan.


What we do:

  • Create an energy management plan that complements your own strategic plan

  • Create goals and work with your internal team to implement the energy management plan

  • File energy/GHG related documentation as needed, typically required for incentive programs

2. SUSTAINABILITY & ENERGY GRANT OPTIONS | Research and Identify Available Grants


The CoEng Advisors’ engineering team is also well-versed in the multiple stems of funding available to building owners, operators, and tenants. As part of our service, our team will help you identify the many grants available for the various types of audits and projects an organization needs to implement their energy management plan.


What we cover:

  • saveONenergy

  • Natural Gas Conservation programs from Enbridge & Union Gas

  • Climate Change Action Plan (CCAP) GHG reduction funding


3. MEASUREMENT & VERIFICATION | Continually Track the Success of your Energy Project


Often, it is an unknown if the energy project you undertook was even successful. To mitigate this unknown, CoEng has instilled a rigorous Measurement & Verification process that ensures all projects and strategies we implement as part of our energy management endeavours stay on track and yield the expected performance and savings you deserve. We fully understand that most of our clients’ primary focus is driving their business, not energy management and/or construction. As part of CoEng’s core competency promise, we are confident we can deliver energy projects on time and on budget, as well as minimize the overall implementation risk.


What we track:

  • Temporary and permanent installation of energy metering equipment

  • System specific and high-level audits

  • Baseline, Measurement & Verification (M&V) to demonstrate what the actual performance of an energy measure is


4. TURNKEY IMPLEMENTATION | Ensure you are Receiving a Total Turnkey Service


The CoEng team is committed to supporting you throughout the entire process. We have the training, knowledge, experience, and leadership skills necessary to successfully and safely manage your entire project in-house, We adhere to stringent internal, as well as industry safety standards and practices. With our start-to-finish approach, we will work hard to ensure that your investment in our energy management solutions and products get pay back in the fastest manner possible. In the end, you will be able to continually monitor and see the savings on your energy dashboard and, most importantly, on your utility bill!


What we provide:

  • Design & Construction of energy retrofit measures

  • Certificate of Authorization to Practice Engineering in Ontario, Canada

  • Appropriate insurance to project manage construction

  • Understanding of total retrofit to minimize project risk

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